The ski school / equipment hire building also features its own NOCK SPORT shop offering a varied selection of mountaineering and winter sports articles. From ski zip, special sports socks to complete ski and climbing equipment the shop provides everything that a sport fan’s heart could desire.

Our offering includes also daily needs products:

  • newspapers
  • sweets
  • beverages
  • suncreams

Test it then take it!

You want only the best material for yourself and your family, of course. We provide a wide range of well-tuned skis and boots and offer a comprehensive test program to help you find the material that suits you. Our shop and rental experts will assist you with advise and tips.

Advice for choosing the right equipment:
Ski boots are normally the first and most important piece of equipment that a skier will buy. Your feet should be measured and the shape of your foot taken into consideration. The ski boots should always be tested on the slope, while skiing (no rubbing spots, painless skiing, ...).

Expert advice

You’ve tested the equipment and are thrilled? The staff at NOCK SPORT is highly experienced when it comes to winter sport gear. We help you choose the RIGHT material, i.e. skis that suit your style, ability, weight and assertiveness and give good advice regarding the safety of equipment. We are not averse to betraying secrets and talking about personal experience -  after all, we  grew up in the mountains and live here.

Products are offered at normal rates – we do not charge “high altitude supplements!”