• Walk around lake Falkertsee (1/2 hour).
  • A view to the Nockalm road and the Glockenhütte hut (1 - 1 1/2 hours: starting point is the parking lot Schneekönig, from there you go to the Goggauwirt hut, then follow the hiking trail no. 3 until you can enjoy the spectacular view).
  • To the Schweinbichel with a view to the Kaiserburg mountain (1 - 1 1/2 hours: starting point is the Kärntnerhaus, hiking trail no. 1 to the Schweinbichel); nearly no differences in altitude. The effort is rewarded by fascinating fauna and flora and wonderful views.


  • Falkertsee - Moschelizen - Falkertsee:
    Walking time 3 - 4 hours
    Starting point Karlhütte hut, left to the Moschelitzen mountain ridge (shadowy north-east slope), continue path to summit (2,310m), on to Falkertscharte, Sonntagstal valley, lake Falkertsee.
  • Falkertsee - Falkertspitz - Falkertsee:
    Walking time 3 hours
    From the starting point children’s hotel Köfer take the steep climb to the Falkert summit or follow the easier path leading over the Hundsfeldscharte to the summit (2,308 m). Hike back over Falkertscharte and Sonntagstal valley to lake Falkertsee.
  • Falkertsee - Prießhütte - (Turracherhöhe):
    Walking time 3 - 4 hours, that is, 7- 8 hours
    From starting point Hotel Schneekönig take hike trail no. 3 to Goggauwirthütte hut, Kaplingalm, Ochsenalm, Mayerlingalm without climbing to Nockalm road. Follow road to Prießhütte hut (private catering hut). From there you can take an organized shuttle back or continue on trail no. 109 to Pregatscharte, Winkleralm, Schafalm, Turracherhöhe.
  • Falkertsee - Ebene Reichenau:
    Walking time 3 - 4 hours
    Starting from the Kärntnerhaus take hike trail no. 1 to the Schweinbichel, then descend (note: don’t miss the well-marked fork) to hike trail no. 3 left to Ebene Reichenau (right to Patergassen).
  • Falkertsee - Steinnock - Klommnock - Schiestelscharte:
    Walking time 3 – 4 hours
    From the children’s hotel Köfer to the Hundsfeldscharte, follow hike trail no. 109 to Steinnock (2,197m) and Klommnock  (2,331m), down to the Schiestelscharte where the Glockenhütte hut offers a hearty snack. From there you can organize a shuttle back or hike back (hike down to Prießhütte hut and from there accord. to hike suggestion Falkertsee Prießhütte home).
    Instead of descending to Klommnock leading to Schiestelscharte, you can also continue to Malnock (2,222m), from there down to the Unterstandhütte hut, on to the Erlacherhütte hut, where you could stay overnight (1,636m). Tel. 04246/4460.
  • Falkertsee - Falkert-Hütte - Falkertsee:
    Walking time 4 - 5 hours
    From children’s hotel Köfer to Hundsfeldscharte, Hundsfeld Graben, Falkert Refuge House (1,557m) for a snack – short hike. The hike Tanzboden, Falkertscharte, Sonntagstal valley to lake Falkertsee takes about the same time.
  • Falkertsee - Moschelitzen - Buschenschank Matl - Bad Kleinkirchheim:
    Walking time 3 hours
    From starting point Karlhütte to Sonntagstal valley over Falkertscharte and Schwarzkofel continuing down on hike trail 109. Take hike trail no. 1 right to the wine tavern Matl to the game enclosure and the mill. End is Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Addresses of huts and snack stations in the near vicinity

  • Erlacherhütte, 28 beds, Tel. 04246/4460 or 0663/40548 can be reached by car from Radentheim passing Kaning.
  • Erlacher Bockhütte, two 4-bed rooms, sleeping bag in hay, Tel. 04246/2320, hearty Carinthian snack
  • Karlbad, eight 2-bed rooms, Tel. 04246/3430 (bath approx € 15,-)
  • Tangerner Hütte, one bedroom with two beds
  • Stanghütte, one bedroom with 4 beds
  • Steigerhütte, Tel. 04732/2746, overnight stay in sleeping bag possible