Our benefits for your skiing holiday

Enjoy a most relaxing skiing holiday in Heidi’s mountain world...

You are familiar with the Heidi story? Peter, Heidi and her grandfather, the Almöhi live amidst a pristine undisturbed alpine landscape blessed with crisp air and healthy spring water. Equally, the mountain resort at Falkert embedded in the Carinthian Nockberge mountains is characterized by healthy surroundings and a particularly peaceful setting – a true Heidi Alm so to speak. Its pronounced altitude, panoramic views over valleys and mountains, fresh air and the excellent spring water make this area a gem of true nature!

It’s easy to see why Heidi Alm Bergresort at Falkert has become an insider’s tip for families and pleasure seekers alike in winter: on one hand it is known for its family-friendly orientation offering Kinderhotels and ski school geared towards families and children. Whether ski instructor or lift staff – children have a special place in their heart. And Heidi Alm ski park scores with manageable and stress-free pistes for every ability level and its focus on children.

Ranging from comfortably equipped holiday homes to ski huts and apartments right in the center, the ski resort, on the other hand, provides guests with perfect lodging options to complement ultimate holiday enjoyment in a private ambience. At 1,700 up to 2,300m altitude time occasionally seems to run that little bit more slowly here, putting all skiing fans’ minds at rest; which is why it is so enjoyable to indulge on the racing run or glide along the cross-country trail. Up here where you’re that bit higher and usually even above the clouds, skiing is simply more fun.