Heidialm ski park – the Falkert ski area

Heidi Alm ski park – the family ski resort Falkert in Carinthia/Austria scores with manageable and stress-free pistes for every ability level from novice skier to freerider as well as its focus on children. Situated at an altitude of 1,700 to 2,300 m amidst the Nockberge Mountains the ski area itself is centered around Heidi Alm Bergresort featuring direct access to the ski slopes served by 4 ski lifts, the Heidi Express magic carpets and two conveyor belts.

Heidi’s highlights offer bountiful fun for skiing with kids: Peter's snow land features a magic carpet that provides the perfect terrain for the youngests’ first turns in the snow or the Heidi trail hidden in the pine forest where Heidi and her friends can be visited also in winter! Older children let it rip in Heidi's snow park with rails, boxes, bump course, ski cross and kicker whereas the ski racers of tomorrow live it up on a permanent racy downhill section.

Falkertspitz with its manicured steep slope is a classic opening up to a great variety of small yet fine freeriding options that leave nothing to be desired. Added to this, Falkert provides the starting point for some of the most beautiful back country tours in the Nockberge Mountains.