Healthy alp

It is not surprising that an environment boasting clear mountain air and fresh spring water has beneficial effects on people’s health. This has also been scientifically validated. Together with the wonderful experience of a stay at the Heidi Alm Falkert on an alpine pasture, mountain holidays keep body and soul fit:

AMAS altitude study

The number of people spending their holidays in alpine and mountain regions seeking wellbeing and relaxation amounts to over 60 million annually. The effects of an active holiday in the mountains on human organism have been shown in the scientific Austrian Moderate Altitude Study,"AMAS 2000".

In the course of this pilot study, 100 people were prescribed hikes of different lengths ranging in heights from 1,500 to 2,500 meters over a period of three weeks. This corresponds exactly to the altitude region of Falkert. The results: after a three week stay at moderate heights the tested vacationers showed improvement in blood-sugar and cholesterol levels, experienced a weight loss of four to six pounds and significantly lower blood pressure. Also better oxygen transport due to higher counts of red blood corpuscles was recorded.

“At higher altitudes the organism is forced to activate its reserves”, says university professor and director of the study, Dr. Georg Humpeler, and compares the process with an engine. First it speeds up to reach full power. After that however, at the end of its peak, it runs smoother with lower revolutions and performs equally or even better."
These proven health benefits are included in holidays spent on Heidi Alm Falkert at altitudes of between 1,700 m and 2,300 metres.