Nockberge national park

Carinthian Nockberge mountains

The gently rolling Nockberge Mountains, rising from the valley of the Lieser and extending towards the Turracher Höhe area, provide a unique Alpine mountain range in the heart of beautiful Carinthia. The name "Nocke" comes from the round shape of  the softly rolling mountains and hills between 2,200m and 2,300m above sea level. Admire the varied fauna and flora of the stunning nature preserve which was awarded its status as National Park by the Carinthian authorities in 1987

Nockberge mountain pastures

The Nockberge mountains excel not only in their natural beauty but also due to the harmonious interaction with cultivated alpine landscape. Over centuries of hard labor local farmers have cultivated and protected extensive mountain pastures. These pastures, with dairy farms dotted here and there, combine to form a peaceful image of extraordinary environmental beauty. The economic activity on alpine pastures partially constitutes the basis of the locals' livelihood.

Hiking area and Nockalm road

The particular beauty of this natural preserve makes hiking in the Nockberge mountains a wonderful adventure. Its gentle contours make the Nockberge the perfect hiking region, offering even less experienced hikers numerous varied and interesting trails. The routes lead from the surrounding high-lying mountain villages St. Oswald, Kaning, Innernöring, Innerkrems and Turrach to the very core of the National Park. The 34 km long Nockalm road, rising to more than 2.000 m sea level on both the Schiestlscharte and the Eisentalhöhe, is the starting point for hikes of various lengths and levels of difficulty. Along the road you’ll find a number of information points of interest:

  • "Nature Study Trail Windebensee Lake"
  • Sound and Slide Show "Island in the Stream of Time" – on the Schiestlscharte
  • "Alpine Forest Information -  Grundalm" and "Forest and Water Study Trail -  Grundalm"
  • "Museum of Alpine Farming“ - Zechneralm
  • "In the Domain of the Marmot" animal show in the Pfandl hut

Guided hikes

The National Park administration offers interested visitors guided walks, focusing on different themes such as:

  • Historic-cultural walks through the mountain farming village of Kaning
  • Guided hikes through the Nockberge mountains
  • National Park Yesterday – Today - Tomorrow
  • Visit the National Park by post bus
  • Silver, Forest and Water
  • Vegetation lore on the path to Falkert
  • Guide to the alpine dairies at the Heiligenbachalm

Project weeks for children and youth groups

Special emphasis is placed on project weeks, offered for children and youth groups age 6 – 15, which focus on giving information on the National Park concept. Various program activities entertainingly convey the wonders of nature, such as:

  • Water dance and stream murmurs
  • From a mountain brook to an alpine lake
  • Marmot whistle and alpine flowers
  • Secrets of an alpine forest
  • Dusk falls on nature
  • Beneath and above
  • Where am I
  • Adventurous ride along the Nockalm road, etc.